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And So It Begins - Our First Development

Here we are - two years after starting our design firm (formerly Design Moves People) and one year after getting married, we have begun our first development: The Holiday. Upon graduating from architecture school our goal has been to reshape our communities through design on our own terms, pushing design excellence and sacrificing nothing except for sweat and determination, allowing people to experience the power of design.

Our plan for The Holiday is simple: Develop a four-unit, garden style apartment with beautiful design, rational economics, sustainable living, and provide community oriented experiences on site and within the neighborhood. By doing this we hope to increase the value of this unique mid-century multi-family neighborhood and bring rich culture, quality living, at a reasonable price.

This project is just the beginning of what we hope will propel Mancusi Design, LLC forward as a resource for building and reinforcing community.

Continue to follow our blog throughout the development of The Holiday - The best is yet to come! #theHoliday



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