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We are first and foremost designers, however, from time to time we like to express ourselves through written word and share our experiences.  Our blog shares news updates, design musing, our thoughts on design issues, and other things we wish to share via our site.

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February 12, 2020

As Mancusi Design, LLC continues to grow, we are looking for part-time (with the future opportunity for full-time employment) assistance with a multitude of projects.  These projects range from single-family to multi-family design at various points throughout the design process (schematic design through construction).  Tasks that a perspective candidate would be engaged in are drafting, construction supervision, project management, code analysis and product research, submittals, amongst a host of other tasks related to the nature of each project.

Mancusi Design, LLC is a small practice that is growing and a candidate for this position must be willing to handle a many different tasks that are required in a small practice setting.  The small and unique nature of our practice al...

October 10, 2019

Nick Mancusi was featured this week in Voyage Phoenix Magazine.  In the article, Nick is interviewed about his journey, Mancusi Design, LLC, and advice to architects and entrepreneurs.  

"I want to wake up every day excited to get to work and accomplish something that makes the world a little bit more beautiful." ~ Nick Mancusi, Voyage Phoenix Interview.

"...the most important struggle is never giving up your ethics as a designer." ~ Nick Mancusi, Voyage Phoenix Interview.

The article is available online here via Voyage Phoenix Magazine.

September 19, 2019

Ada Rose Mancusi was featured in Voyage Phoenix Magazine this week talking about her life and jewelry work.  This article is a followup from her previous feature in the Voyage Phoenix's #LadyBoss article a few months ago.  This is a great article about the exciting things Ada Rose has been working on.  

"...pursue what you love and what you have a talent for, not what you think you should do." ~Ada Rose, Voyage Phoenix Interview. 

Check out both the current article here. and the #LadyBoss Article here.

August 9, 2018

We are excited to see further publication of the Chernus-Welch Residence in Tucson, Arizona on the design blog Archello.  We'll keep posting more places where this project is featured as we find them. An exciting collaboration with Victor Sidy, AIA with great clients and a great contractor (Repp+Mclain).

Check out the story: https://archello.com/project/tucson-hillside-house

August 2, 2018

The most recent issue (Vol. 3, 2018) of Residential Design Magazine features the recently completed Chernus - Welch Residence in Tucson, Arizona.  The project was a collaboration by Mancusi Design, LLC and Victor Sidy Architect for a 2,700 square foot home located on a majestic hillside.  Read the entire article and learn more about this great project click here  or click on the image Above.

March 24, 2017

This week, Nick was featured as part of the AIAS 60th Legacy Celebration.  Read the whole article here by clicking on the image below or going to the article here.

August 6, 2015

Our first three years of business as Design Moves People has brought us a ton of new work, new friends, and great ideas. Because of this we have grown tremendously!  This year we are about to grow even further as we head into the thick of our new development, The Holiday, more architecture projects, more graphic design, and more of what we love to do.


Now we’d like to welcome you to the evolution of Design Moves People - Say hello to Mancusi Design, LLC.


Besides the obvious administrative changes, we wanted to redefine our brand to mirror our approach and who we are.  We still believe Design Moves People (we are retaining that name for something else to come in the future) but overall we are partners, we are a creative collaborative, we are Mancusi Design, LLC and we are proud of it!...

October 24, 2014

Nothing is as simple as it seems!


It has been a while since our post about our first new development; The Holiday, but for any entrepreneur, developer, or ambitious individual, patience and commitment is the most valuable asset.


In our last post we talked with brief elated joy about closing on our property where we plan to develop a four-unit apartment building. Since then we have gone through several design iterations, proformas, talks with legal consultants, friends, colleagues, etc. to move The Holiday forward.  However (as with most new ventures) surprises arise - like discovering 57 year old CC&R's (covenants) that have required us to either fight or find alternatives to initial design ideas.  


Since June we've been working hard (between regular proj...

July 3, 2014

Here we are - two years after starting our design firm (formerly Design Moves People) and one year after getting married, we have begun our first development: The Holiday.  Upon graduating from architecture school our goal has been to reshape our communities through design on our own terms, pushing design excellence and sacrificing nothing except for sweat and determination, allowing people to experience the power of design.


Our plan for The Holiday is simple: Develop a four-unit, garden style apartment with beautiful design, rational economics, sustainable living, and provide community oriented experiences on site and within the neighborhood.  By doing this we hope to increase the value of this unique mid-century multi-family neighborhood and bring rich cultu...

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