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Casa Mancusi Featured in Images AZ Magazine

The February 2021 Edition of Images Magazine featured a story on Nick and Ada Rose Mancusi highlighting the addition of the Mancusi Residence to the Desert Foothills area. Two editions of the magazine are available, one for the Cave Creek/Carefree area and one for the DC Ranch/Grayhawk/Scottsdale area. The later featured the Mancusi Residence on the front page, however both magazine provided the same feature story - 'A Home For Life'. The article is great with writing by Amanda Christman and photography by Bryan Black.

'More than a house, Casa Mancusi is part of an ongoing conversation to change the way architecture is approached - and it is a very personal one.'

"We continue to build the same way today because it's what we know. It's a very narrow view." - NM

'Casa Mancusi encompasses the couple's approach to architecture. Form and function are one in the same. Its foundation in common sense is a refreshing departure from the fussiness and impracticality found the last two decades or so in Valley construction.'

If you missed getting your hands on a copy, there is a digital version you can access to read more of this great article.


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